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Shared Hosting: Several web sites can be hosted on a single web server and share the dedicated bandwidth. By sharing hosting resources such as hardware, software, and Internet connectivity with other customers, you greatly reduce costs without compromising quality.
Power your web site with the powerful performance of our Windows 2000 shared hosting. This reliable platform gives you access to database development tools such as Active Server Pages (ASP), MS Access, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) support and helps you get the most from Microsoft’s latest in web-authoring excellence with Microsoft FrontPage 2002 extensions! Windows 2000 hosting is perfect for any Webmaster needing reliability, scalability and back-end support for today’s high-performance web sites.
Shared hosting represents an optimum choice for stability, features and functionality for companies or individuals looking for a presence on the web. Our packages range from start-up plans to professional plans to serve all of your needs.

Dedicated Hosting: A dedicated server (also called an outsourced server or managed web server) is a server that is leased to a single customer. The server hardware, routing equipment, and network connectivity are monitored and maintained by Our Data Center Team.
For larger sites that have outgrown our shared hosting services or have other special requirements, Stars.Net offers powerful dedicated servers. Whether you have extremely high traffic, busy CGI scripts, dynamically generated content, or high database activity, the dedicated server will improve your site’s performance.
Each dedicated package has its own software configuration and managed features, providing you with the reliability, security, and performance. If you’re upgrading from our shared hosting services, there won’t be any surprises or changes in how your site works.

Co-Located Hosting: Suppose you wanted to place your personal computer or company workstation/server on the Internet. Normally, it would involve purchasing expensive equipment like a router, CSU/DSU and Internet connectivity, including charges from your Internet access provider and the phone company’s local loop charges. Once the connection has been installed, you will need to learn how to setup the network, set up a secure firewall, put in place power back-up, and maintain it once it is operational. Sounds a little expensive and time consuming, doesn’t it?
Why not consider co-locating your server with us instead? You bring or ship your server, and we place it on our high-speed, network, assign IP numbers and run DNS for you at a fraction of the cost of getting your own dedicated connection. With remote access applications such as telnet you can perform all of the tasks needed to maintain the server. You will also have access to multiple IP numbers, DNS servers, 24 x 7 status monitoring and trained network technicians in the event that you have any problem

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