Web Development


Do you know what it takes to do business on the Internet? WE DO!!

Having an Internet presence means you automatically have the ability to reach consumers, suppliers, and potential partners. Our services focus on increasing your productivity, creating additional revenue streams and bringing your business online to the digital age.

Our Web & Multimedia Design Unit offers unrivalled services and support. Designs are tailored to your exact requirements with custom graphics and corporate style reflecting your existing corporate image and branding. Graphics, pictures and other elements all combine to present a very professional image for your company.

Some situations do not require individual design for every ‘Page’. For these situations we have developed a range of off-the-shelf templates resulting in fast professional design at the lowest possible price – an unbeatable combination.

Your web site is your shop window to the world. Like a real shop it needs a location, a name and your potential customer need to be aware that it exists. In the language of the Internet your site needs a host, a domain name and search engines need to be able to find it. Our support services include web site hosting, domain name registration and search engine submission.


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